Working with Wind Energy Institute of Canada | ExxonMobil
At the end of last summer, we traveled to Prince Edward Island to provide drone cinematography, a gimbal technician with equipment, and 1st AC for the camera team on this ExxonMobil X Wind Energy Institute of Canada video project. It was awesome flying the Mavic 3 Cine around the turbines in such a remote place at the North Cape of PEI. We also provided our Freefly Movi Pro kit and technician for the shoot. Our 1st AC assisted with lighting, grip, and pulling focus for the interviews and b-roll segments of the job. Producer: Brian Higdon Camera Op 1: Taylor Finlay Camera Op 2: Louis Meschino 1st AC: Ian Morris Drone Pilot: Trevor Harris Gimbal Technician: Trevor Harris Sound Op: Troy Shantz Creative Director: Jerry Tamburro Editorial: Angel Gierisch Colour: Ian Morris

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